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Extreme News!

15th February 2009

It's a girl

Screech and Little Emma are now the proud parents of a little extremist in the making. Zoe Rose Porter was born on 15th February 2009. Mother and baby are doing well. Screech is in a state of shock! Is she a skier or border? Time will tell.

3rd September 2008

Extreme Shiekra!

Video footage has been obtained showing how Powderhound, Glitterbabe, Frezza, Diddly, Les and Stiffy obtain their kicks during the off-season.

16th June 2008

Charity Mania Continues!

Diddly, Frezza and Lez successfully completed the Race For Life 5KM course in Basildon on Sunday 15th June, raising over 100 between them.

12th June 2008

Moore Extremism!

Greeb, Powderhound and Stiffy successfully completed the Run for Moore 5KM race in Ipswich on Sunday 8th June, raising over 800 between them in the process!

2nd April 2008

Another Season over
Alas, another season has come and gone. However, another great trip to Killington ensured that despite no European adventure, the season wasn't a complete 'wash-out'. Details and pictures from this year's awesome trip can be found here. You won't be surprised to find that plans are already under way for next year's first trip. If your are interested in joinning us, please let me know. Easy payment plans are available if required. Why not start paying me now and you could have your flight paid for by booking time in late August! Until the summer.....Live the Dream!

3rd October 2007

Another Name change!
Hall of Famer Slurms has let it be known that she no longer wants to be known as Slurms. Henceforth, she shall go by the name of Lez!

2nd October 2007

Name change!
Hall of Famer Powderpup2 has let it be known that as she is now 7 she no longer wants to be known as powderpup2. Henceforth, she shall go by the name of Diddly!

10th August 2007

Hall of Famer Youch under went surgery earlier this week to repair his ACL that he ruptured during the early stages of the Extreme '07 trip to Courchevel, France. I'm sure you will all join me in wishing Iain well and for his speedy recovery so that he may rejoin the Extreme Team for Winter 2009 perhaps!

Have we got a video?
The more observant amongst you will have already noticed that there are now some video clips scattered about the website. See if you can find them all! Enjoy!

7th August 2007

Name change
Hall of FamerPowderpup1 has let it be known that as she is now 10, she no longer wants to be known as powderpup1. Henceforth, she shall go by the name of Frezza!

30th July 2007

Extreme Wedding!

Hall of Famers Screech and Emma became Man and Wife on 28th July. I was given the honour of representing Burgess Travel at the wedding, along with Glitterbabe, Powderpup1 & Powderpup2. The Bride looked devine and the Groom looked very dapper as the picture to the left shows. More pictures can be found here.

17th July 2007

Forthcoming Nuptials!
Hall of Famers Screech and Emma are tying the knot on Saturday 28th July. I'm sure you will all join me in wishing them well for their special day. Who can forget that romantic proposal on the slopes near Meribel? well, I didn't actually see it as Axel and myself had zoomed off ahead as usual, but I heard it was very romantic. Screech got down on one knee, and Greeb nearly ruined the moment as he thought Screech had fallen over again! All the best from all at Burgess Travel!

29th May 2007

Extreme Eyewear website goes live!.
Extreme Eyewear Online, operated by extreme team hall of famer 'The Brigadier', has gone live today. It can be found at the following website www.extreme-eyewear-onlineshop.co.uk

15th May 2007

Extreme 2007 DVD rolls off production line.
It was quickly retrieved and placed back on the production line so that further copies could be made. These will be dispatched to this year's Extremees shortly.

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